Latest Technology – Indoor Bike Trainer

06 Nov

Indoor Bike Trainer-a very latest development of technology which helps people in a number of ways.Anyone who uses this type of indoor cycle trainer gets the benefit of doing a number of jobs.These jobs may range from watching TV to listening radio. An indoor bike trainer or in other words a turbo trainer is a piece of equipment that gives its riders a chance of riding while the equipment remains stationary. These are basically used for body warm ups when outside weather conditions are not favourable for this purpose. These Indoor Bike trainers are basically of three types –Fluid Bike Trainer, Magnetic Cycle Trainer, and WindBicycle Trainer.These equipments apart from providing a number of advantages also provide a number of disadvantages.A lot of cases have been recorded in this regard in the past few decades.
William Johns,a boy of 19 and a state level football player chose this “Indoor Bike Trainer”, as the best way of body-warm up.The reason he show cased was that it gave him an opportunity to warm –up along with providing facilities of watching national and international matches to improve his playing statistics.His coach MrJames Brown warned him a number of times to avoid using this for security reasons,a number of cases have already come into news headlines at that time.A very stubborn and performance focussed player refused to listen to all these.He was at the edge of doing anything to improve his performance.As days increased his practise hours increased.Time came when William became so much addicted to these equipment that he started spending3-4 hours over this instrument and as days were passing his fondness towards this latest technology was following an increasing graph. A poor William never knew that his increasing was going to take away his life, he was completely unaware of the fact that his days were getting numbered.

One fine morning it happened that owing to repeated cycling the wire insulations came off, the friction that was produced created Eddy Current and when William started exercising this power was transmitted to his body. He was subjected to 440 volts current for about 2 minutes before someone came and turned the switches off. William’s body was severely burnt. He was taken to the country’s best hospital where he was declared as spot dead. William’s death shocked the entire nation. The government took strict steps and special laws were imposed upon the usage of this device.

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Doing Cycling Indoor Was Never So Simpler Without Indoor Bike Trainer

10 Oct

Doing exercise really keeps one fit and I put exercise as the vital part of my daily routine. Whatever may be the weather condition, the work schedule or the pressure in my work, I usually never forget to undergo cycling. I prefer cycling as the best exercise that can keep anyone fit and fine. Elderly people can also do a little cycling which helps them in not developing any kind of knee problem. I always suggest my parents as well as my kid about cycling during the morning hours. When there comes a heavy burden on me or I do not feel good in the morning, I prefer doing exercise in the evening hours. But bad weather is the thing that keeps me away from my vital daily routine.

I never feel like leaving this beautiful habit of cycling in morning. But some of the rainy and wintery days used to keep me away from this workout. I usually undergo anxiety when I see the bad weather in the morning. My whole day’s mood gets upset. While I was working in my office, one of my colleagues noticed my sadness and asked me the reason of worries. That day I was not out of my home and I did not do cycling. For the whole day I stayed with my worries which my friend was asking about. When my colleague got to know about this, he suddenly recommended me about Indoor Bike Trainer.

Benefit I received through Indoor Bike trainer:

The colleague explained about the benefits of indoor Bike Trainer. It was a small stand like equipment that keeps the cycle fitted on it and you can enjoy cycling at home. Especially it makes cycling possible indoor and saves the cyclist from bad weather. It makes the indoors fit for cycling and this aid works as a great workout solution. You can continue your workout with the same bi-cycle by staying indoors.

It hardly demands any big space to get accommodated in the house. On the verandah or on the porch, you can simply put the Indoor Bike trainer and install the cycle on it. You can simply avoid going outside and avoid the bad weather. One can keep the daily routine intact with the assistance of Bike Trainer for Indoor. These are really helpful to continue one’s habit without going outside.

This is the great benefit I received through this bike trainer. I have become able to continue my cycling due to this and many a time I think of the colleague who taught me about this.
Too affordable to use it:

Though it seems as a complicated object, it is too simple to use indoor. It makes you cycle indoor in a simpler way. With the help of indoor Bike Trainer, you can simply make your practice perfect. If you are injured during the cycling practice and unable to move outdoor to continue practice, this affordable aid can help you adjust your practice. This simple yet useful object is too affordable. It can cost you around 100$ but benefits are many which goes beyond the cost of purchase. And really this affordable cycle trainer made cycling simple which may not be a simpler task without the Indoor Bike Trainer.


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How Indoor Bike Trainer Helped Me In My Training?

12 Jul

I am a novice bike rider and here I am sharing some of my personal experiences with you. I have a great dream to become a Tour-De-France winner in my lifetime, but I know it is not so easy to say that you can become a winner. Tour-De-France is not everyone’s cup of tea in which you have to cover excruciating 1000 miles or more. So I thought that I would begin with some small races. But I met with many conundrums while doing the training sessions. I live in a big city and it’s not easy to find an open ground where I can do my training sessions. Bike racing championships include some very excruciating paths; from a mountain peaks to narrow lanes. I need a practical training for participating in the bike race. The roads of ground are not like what I needed. Also I have to cover many miles through road to the nearest ground, before I actually start my training sessions. So I started to look for options to do my training sessions. One day one of my friends suggested me to try indoor bike trainer. I asked him in details about the stationary bike stand. I was amazed to know the benefits of using indoor bike trainer for my training sessions. Here I am providing you some details about the indoor bike trainer: –

What is an Indoor Bike Trainer?

An indoor bike trainer is a type of stand for the bike so that you can continue your training sessions from your home. Now one very common question that you should ask me would be – ‘Why indoor bike trainer if you can use gym equipment?’ The main reason to use a stationary bike stand is to become acquaint with the type of bike that you are riding. In a long bike race like Tour-De-France the biker’s change their bikes according to the road they would have to ride. So you must practice every bike ride according to the conditions to become a champion. The normal gym equipments have not made for this.

Types of Indoor Bike Trainer

Indoor bike trainer is quite effective for bike training and is available in two different types: –
1. Trainer for Roller Bike: — Trainer for Roller Bikeis one of the simple bike trainers. All they have is rollers to support your bike for riding. These bike trainers have no support, so the bikers have to balance their bikes by bike stand. Roller bike trainers have some drawbacks like: you have to hold something before you learn how to ride on them, sometimes you can fall on the side and hurt yourself, and you need a good practice to ride your bike on them.

2. Mechanical Resistance Bike Trainer: — Mechanical resistance bike trainer got the name from the resistance it uses for riding. These type of bike trainer are available in 3 different types, depending on the type of indoor bike trainer they use i.e. wind, magnetic, and fluid. Wind resistance mechanical bike trainer consists of a stand, having a wind fan for making a resistance to the rear wheel of your bike. Magnetic and Fluid resistance mechanical bike trainersare same but they use magnetic and fluid resistance technology for making a resistance consecutively.

I am using a mechanical resistance fluid bike trainer because of its great features like it can be used as bike racks for car. One of the main reasons why I am using this bike trainer is the feel of real mountain roads. You can adjust the amount of resistance in this type of bike trainer according to your need.


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